Pricing below is ONLY for the consultation with a medical provider. Additional services non included.

New Patient Visit

This includes in-office or telemedcine appointments


Routine Appointment or Sick Visit

This includes in-office or telemedcine appointments


Physical Exam



School Physical

1 page form included. Additional pages $10 per page


Pre-Op Exam

If you are having surgery and require medical clearance. (includes EKG)


USCIS Examination

Pricing dependent on vaccination requirements


Personal Injury

Slip & Fall, Auto Accident, Dog Bites, Etc.


Additional Services

If you require more than just a consultation, we offer many services at an additional cost

Vitamin B-12 Injection

Can help with metabolism, fatigue, and brain function



Injectable medication for injections



Injectable medication for inflammation or respiratory illness



Injecatable medication for pain


Rapid Covid, Flu A, Flu B Rapid Swab

$75 with consultation. $100 for swab with no consult


Flu Vaccine


Lab Work

Price varies on test(s) ordered


TD (tetanus, diphtheria)

Add a description about this item


Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)

Add a description about this item



Tuberculosis Skin Test – $60 for established patient $100 for a new patient with no consultation


Pregnancy Urine Test




Rapid Strep Test


Ear Wax Removal

Price is per ear

$30 (per ear)

EKG Only



Breathing Treatment (Nebulizer)

Albuterol inhalation treatment for respiratory illness



Skin glue for laceration


I & D

Incision & drainage of a cyst



Price depending on size of laceration


Suture/Staples Removal


Ingrown Toenail

Requires consultation first to determine if it can be removed or if treatment is needed first


Wound Care



For your convenience, we also carry many generic medications if you are uninsured, or if your insurance does not cover your prescription


Cough Suppressants

Allergy Medication

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Emergency Contraception

Diabetes Medication

Blood Pressure Medication